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 Gaga insisted she wasn't trying to outdo her past looks. "I just really wanted to be comfortable for the interview," she said of the poufy dress, oversized hat and platform boots. "They are my hiking shoes."


There was another reason the "Do What U Want" singer underwear manufacturer china wore the look: "I am really fat right now," Gaga said, "because I have been eating BBQ all week. I had some from Stubb's because I am playing the Doritos Bold. We had some Salt Lick, too. Also, if I see any meat on the street, I will just eat it."

The lingerie manufacturer china five-time Grammy winner tried to go incognito earlier that week. "I have had a really great time. I have been going out, really, every single night and seeing as much music as I can," Gaga revealed. "The thing I have missed the most is seeing live music and going to bars and wandering around unnoticed. To be honest, I don't remember a lot of what happens in the locations, but I know I was there. I know I was there, I know there was great music, but I don't remember exactly what happened."

Gaga will be a keynote Wholesale Plus Size Lingerie  speaker Friday at SXSW with Fuse's John Norris, but admitted that she hadn't written her talk yet. "I don't really have anything particular planned that I want to come across during the speech. I just rally want the audience to leave feeling with a sense of a love for music, experiencing live music, for creative people to want to go home and play their instruments and write poetry and keep pursuing their dreams. I really think that's what's at the heart of this festival and that would be the best contribution I can make. The most amazing thing for me to witness is watching these little bands on stage and going, 'Oh my, gosh, this is how I started.' I must've played over 1,000 bars/clubs."

The "Just Dance" singer also talked about becoming the first person to perform in outer space in 2015. Gaga will sing with Zero G Colony on a Virgin Galactic flight.

"Did you see the movie Gravity?" host Jimmy Kimmel asked. "That doesn't seem like a good idea to me. There's a lot of space junk flying around up there, and you never know what could happen."

"I have some really amazing fans and because of them, I'm just not really afraid of anything," Gaga explained. "My fans are exactly what make me feel fearless. It's because we all think the same away, we are all excited about music, about creativity, about compassion, and when we come together, great things can happen. So I know that when I'm up there, they'll be up there with me."

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